Things I like

Except for what I do for a living I have some hobbies and interests that I follow on a more or less regular base.


I love coffee. And I love brewing Espresso on my La Pavoni Professional Lusso. The machine I got as a present from my parents in law is the same age as I am. And still is in good shape, as it's owner. To grind my espresso I'm using an "Eureka Mignon Stark" grinder.
My favourite coffe at the moment, although I constantly switch beans, is the Hahnenschrei from "Die Landrösterei" Seestermühe. The "Scheunendampf" is also really good.


I go running on a regular basis. Although I like it a lot, I don't do as much cycling and swimming. As mentioned I'm a faulancr.


This is my love-hate relationship. I'm a gamer since I can remember. I started as a child on a c64, then Amiga 500 and later my first PC. Gaming got me into computers, which got me into design and especially web-design and development. I reduced my casual gaming to have more spare time for sports. But I kept one game (ok lets say two). Its a team based competitive first-person-shooter called "overwatch". As the latest patches and changes to the game havent been so successful I reduced my playtime a lot in the last month. So, more time for the second game and one that I used to play since the early days: Diablo. Right now, Diablo 4.